Quest in Aspergia Greets Episode 20

The feelings are intense in the house that the two nephews are inside of now because the music is getting very loud especially for the Aspergian. In the middle of the room stands a woman so pure and so simple and dark skinned. She has beautiful brown eyes, dark hair, and wearing clothes ready to go to the carnival for her land.

The person seems very glamorous and shiney yet she is so lonely at the same time. The aspergian feels the same love inside that his uncle felt for the latin woman he felt for as well. Yet, the nephew doesn’t realize that there is a woman back in Aspergia that is in awe of him just like with the Great Aspergian himself.

The two nephews walk to the carnival with the latin woman while both the nephews start noticing how whenever this latin woman walks, she shines.

She is like an angel that the two nephews notice are a part of them now.

The carnival was like no other the nephew from Aspergia went to before.  It was loud, noisy, and many people everywhere all over the place.   The nephew from Aspergia stood by the boats where not much was going on while the nephew from the Land of Latin danced all night long.  All of a sudden, when jeers and saddening from the nephew from Aspergia was feeling, the Latin Woman who brought them to the Carnival approached him to talk and find out what was going on.  Why wasn’t he not having a good time? Besides it was his trip to find out more about people and interactions to complete his Uncle’s Journey.

Anyway,  as the latin woman approached the nephew of the Great Aspergian, the Great Aspergian and his latin woman wife approached within the starry sky looking down crying. All he wanted was to complete his journey and he is hoping his nephew will do it yet the nephew is struggling more than he did.  A tragic scene that he wants to stop.

So, the current Latin Woman says to him, “What’s your name? I never introduced myself, I am Juana.  Please, how can I help?”

The aspergian replies saying “Well, my uncle was the Great Aspergian and I want to complete his journey, but I don’t think I have the strength in me that he had in him.”

Juana: Well, my baby, I give you this because it is a symbol of what gave me the strength to live after the fallen death of both of my parents some 10 years ago. Its yours now” And she handed him a symbol that he recognized almost immediately, It was something that the Great Aspergian was wearing when he met the great and Latin Woman wife and child before he went to through the gateway to the hallway of other lands of people.  It looked like a necklace with a symbol of star of some sorts.

Nephew of Great Aspergian: “Thank you, by the way my name is Edwin.”

Edwin and Juana begin to take each other’s hands onto the carnival’s dance floor while in the moment sparks burst in the sky and the stars are as bright as the sun.  Edwin looks up in the sky and sees an image of his uncle and wife smiling.

Juana starts dancing taking Edwin’s hands and placing them on her waists and shoulders. Juana is showing him how to salsa.   Edwin is very klutzy and odd at it, but Juana is dancing with him anyway trying for him to get it right.

By the end of the night, when the fireworks end the carnival, Juana kisses Edwin even though Edwin lets her only kiss him on his cheek due to extreme eye contact and touch problems.

Edwin and Juana walk on the beach and wind up sleeping on the beach the whole night gazing at the stars.  Edwin sleeps dreaming about what this trip will accomplish for himself, others, and with getting the world back on track in order to fulfill the Great Aspergian’s Quest.

The next day Edwin wakes up startled because he didn’t realize he slept on the beach with Juana next to him with her arm over his shoulder.  So, he jumps up and says “let the journey begin today, Juana, let the journey begin today!”

And so Juana gets up annoyed and the boatship is on the water ready for lift off as the other nephew from the land of latin walks in to the boat as well.

The latin woman’s nephew slept not too far from Juana and Edwin since he was on the beach as well.

The three of them get on the beach and set off on the boat. They speed up on the water till the boat starts floating in the air.

The next journey will be heading to the land where the maltese dogs are to meet someone else to take them trough the rest of the journey.

(For that, see you next time on the Aspergia Greets….)

out, J

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