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happy, happy, joy, joy ever since I was a young boy.  NOT, that is just jibberish…

here is a poem I just wrote called American Dream:

I live in you
You live in me
I live inside the
place where you found me.
I was sitting by a rock
so cold and shivering.
My mind was desperate
to get out my frustrations
about what happened the previous day.
I lost life, I lost my soul
and then you found me sitting near a pole.
The pole had leaves and wooden branches
that were falling down upon me.
I can’t believe my eyes,
I fell asleep for so long until
you found me.
So much has gone wrong
so much has been troubling
and so much has been
consuming me until
you came and found me.
I thank you, I thank you so
dearly, for now I am not
by myself on a stoop
instead I am living a dream
an American Dream of mine
that will grow stronger and
stronger till the day I am
old and gray lying on my
Think of what will bring
us the happiness to me
and to us all, a  time
telling event for the everlasting
strengths of our goals.
An American Dream says it all.

That is the poem I just wrote.

Anyway, ARDMS is simply the best.  I feel that I am going to achieve my goals.  I reached part of it, and soon to reach all of it. Yet, some people are jealous because of this, but what can I say, I am doing it anyways.

Has anyone ever seen a leg so swollen with Deep Vein Thrombosis that it looks so blue all over that the leg feels very painful to the patient? That is called Phelgmasia Cerulea Dolens.   It is severe Deep Vein Thrombosis that is rare these days because Vascular Technologists like myself use Duplex Sonography to check for DVT all the time these days. Yet, before Duplex Sonography this was probably a very common occurance.

Anyway, a very painful Arterial finding is Acute Arterial Insufficiency when the leg is very painful, white, numb, tingling, and with no pulses throughout the leg especially because the leg has been injured. This is life threatening and the patient can lose a leg.

Smoking cigarettes is very dangerous because it causes Chronic Arterial Insuffiency, Aneursyms, Stroke, and Coronary Artery Disease leading to Heart Attack because it catalyzes the atherosclerotic process.

Vascular Ultrasound is an up and coming field more so than Echocardiography because more people are in dire need of help in their legs, arms, even with kidney failure leading to dialysis receiving a fistula or an dialysis access graft.  Also, more people seem to be getting aortic aneurysms as a result of smoking cigarettes.

I love Vascular Ultrasound so much.  I love the whole circulatory system and some day would like to achieve more than just being a tech, in which to get my ph. D.  and do research.

I am lucky to be a part of the ARDMS and I hope they are lucky to have me in the registry.

The thing that draws Vascular Ultrasound away from Echocardiography is that people are dying from heart attacks, but more people are suffering from many arterial problems, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, and even carotid artery disease.

The thing is though that many people are going in to this now, but it takes years and years of practice to learn how to understand one side of the body to the next using critical thinking.   It took many years for George to get where he needed to be at.

I want to be at that same level or greater, yet I feel like I am only scratching the surface.

Anyway, having Asperger Syndrome has been an extraordinary journey in my life and I have many more achievements to make in this life.

Hope you enjoyed the poem in this post and the commentary,

out, J

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