Trails to the Kingdom

Trails to the Kingdom,

by JSR

Marching through the canvas
I see who is following me.
They are even watching me.
They see my ever existence
which no body would ever
know which is first
and which is over.
I sit through the valley
of streams between
a canvas of rock
after marching my feet
through a big trail.
Sitting on the rock now,
I wonder who I will
see passing me by…
May be I am alone on
a path no body else travels to.
It must be the road
less traveled since my
body and mind walk through
a trail filled with light
and an end of a trail
which leads to the
spirit filled with more than
anybody has ever seen.
A success so incredible
no body will ever
reach. A success
I will be the first
to achieve, but not the last.
The success to reach the
Kingdom at the end of my trail.


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