Small Clear Roads lead to 1 goal

Small Clear Roads lead to One Goal,

by J.S.R.

A small road drives along
the parkway following a path
which has been  there for centuries.
I do not know what to do
except drive along and
see the path. I walk
at some point leaving my car.
Its like the car gets darker and farther away.
Deep inside I sit and wait till one moment,
Boom! I hear my engine from miles away.
I was walking along the path and my car seemed
to explode with fiery red and black flames.
I did not know what to do so I reached
down my pocket grabbed my key and ran
down toward the long path till I reached the end.
At the end was waiting two people a man and a woman.
Never met these two people before, but I realized
why they were there, they were here to guide me
through my life and help me along my way.
A guidance I have never had before,
though I know what it is for: to achieve my goal.
These two have so far helped guide me
in so many ways, but any person
needs a guide sometimes to get through rough
times to achieve a goal.
I must seem like a fool, or better yet
a character who can’t do it on his own,
but at least I am somebody who asks for help
and gets it.
This help given to me shows
I really love these two
people just as much as the two people who
brought me into this world. A life worth having
is also worth giving.  Learning to achieve on  my own
is very hard to do, I’d say demanding at times,
I know it must be done.
Think of the road which leads you to glory
and you will win your achievement. Some may be big
others may be small, but the everlasting achievement
will help you shine more and more…

Hope you enjoy the poem, I am in the medical field because I asked to be here and love helping people through my Ultrasound Technology of the Circulatory System. I think this poem will enlighten anybody.


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