Harvesting a Fool

Harvesting a fool,

by Jason Ross

A turkey is our food we eat
everyday, but on Thanksgiving day
in November we eat it all day.
My day of Thanks, all of our day of Thanks,
a day which should be forever.
A thank you goes a long way when
you are grateful for everything coming
your way.
A Turkey is a foolish person who begins
a harvest to build the highest of esteem
deep within. My oh my, how can you harvest a Turkey.
It takes time since most of us was once a Turkey.
We were fools before we knew.
A knowledge which grows and grows…
A knowledge which harvests and crops our minds
to live our lives the way we should.
Keep up the work, keep up our lives
learning and growing in to one day
becoming the star who shines brightest in the sky.
Once a fool never a fool again,
Living in the world as a Turkey
giving thanks for learning.


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