by Jason Ross

Think of a way to spread yourself out.
Find your way through a direction,
a true blessed view of our lives
forming the fortune to gather
our differences and common ways we can learn.
One day I spoke of a person
who was generous and kind.
He gave me everything
a person could give me.
It took time,
continuous time to spend
trying to use these gifts
given to me.
A figure of hope,
A figure of our invention.
Our skulls become lighter and
smoother with the sharpest mind to cut through.
Our minds begin filling up even though
our minds take a vision of sharp infinite powers
to fill up.
Our brains may seem mortal, but deep within
our minds of powerful aurors we can learn
more than any living things who know.
Disturbing views on this are just
people who don’t understand the
infinite powers one can do to a mind
so big and as widespread as the universe.
Miles Highs Away and further in to
the universe spurring through the
distant star which shows sites in our
minds of all knowledge we learn in a lifetime.
It is the life we live and the knowledge we learn
which takes us to miles highs away
traveling in our lands which may be the distant star
we finally reach in the end.

Hope you like this poem. I am sure you will.


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