The Hole in your Life

The Hole in your life,

by Jason Ross

My life has seen water,
My life has seen sand,
My life has seen every aspect of an individual.
My life never has any way of going
up or down.  I seem to stay in the
middle and be happy.
I wonder when the day will come
when all I have known is gone forever.
Forever into a deep hole where
I know nothing. Endless nothingness.
I remember being a baby, knowing
nothing except to stay silent and
The world seems out of sorts,
The world seems like trial and error,
The world seems like there is a lot
to learn from you and I.
Take your journey to the never ending
hole, where neither knew this,
and neither knew that, and
during the trip through the hole
take your life and use it to
spread the knowledge.
For the knowledge to be spread
should be the greatest knowledge
of one’s whole journey through the hole.
That to me is a journey worth swimming through,
where the hole to be, is the hidden hole of life,
a whole to which no body knew nothing,
until they knew something to which
our truest destiny has been reached
and enlightened the world.

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