Living or Dying

Living or dying

by Jason Ross

Living is a way
that drives you to die,
Dying is the way that
drives you to live,
one day lived a man
he sat on his throne
praying to die
even though he
is living.
When that time
finally came to die,
he wanted to live.

He had finally
fallen forward
lying on the ground
praying to live,
but only to die.
As his eyes close
and the light grows
stronger and stronger,
he marches over to the
parade of cloudy building
upset about his own death.
He picks himself up,
dropping his hand
writes on a piece of
paper that he walks
over to the driving
field where the laying
body of his own, lays
after the fall
and he drops the
piece of paper on top
of his face.
the paper read:
Live not Die!

The paramedics
reach for his body
and trying to help
him get back to life.
As the heart is not pumping,
and the blood is not flowing,
and the brain is inactive,
He is up up and away
trying to reach back for his body.
though, he can’t do it,
eventually he sees his body
in a coffin while others are crying
beside his body.
How he died was emotional
and filled with tears,
for the death of anyone fills
your eyes like a fountain of youth.

The funeral brought the past
together to finally push forward,
yet the death of this man
showed everyone that
you must cherish each
and every moment since
nature’s precious gift could end
in an instant.
Live I say live till kingdom’s
come to get you,
and then that day will
weep you away just like
every body else weeps for you.
Moving on is tough to do,
living is even tougher in
that respects. Yet, falling in love
is the most difficult of them all.
The greatest love of all
comes at the greatest need in life,
where things just happen
and things just discover that
what is real is what is in your heart,
and what is in your heart stays true,
so as I say once more Live not die,
for the reaching of our goals
and the reaching of the stars
only gives us the molten of our heart
when we find the truest love in ourselves.
To this man that couldn’t live
to the fullest, we only need to learn
and change as the clock turns moment
by moment.

posting later on,

out, J

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