by Jason Ross

Thinking of you,
everyday of my life
falls out of place
in life.

Thinking of you
dreaming of you
in my sleep, comes
a time when I no longer can.

Thinking of you
in this world
with a life of your own
in a world so different.

There comes a time
where we just move on
and empty our lives
out of sync, out of nowhere.

Nowhere to be found
nowhere to be seen,
nowhere  to be heard,
but the sounds of the birds in the sky.

Traveling to other places
seeking you out, can be wrong,
really really wrong, since I
need to move on.

Heading in to the light,
I walk without you,
Heading towards people
that will explore me without you.

Now has come the time
to move on, and on, and on,
till the day I sit at home,
pondering in my chair old and grey.

So this is the lesson
I learned from life,
show your feelings, but not too much,
show them until the other has seen you.

Seen you, seen me,
for the utter words of yours and my
wisdom, and our love we care to give,
but only to the one that gives the love right back.

Sittting on a rock nearby,
I sit and sit,
waiting and waiting,
till the day I find another like you.

out, J

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