by Jason Ross

she sits on a step
waiting to walk,
waiting to walk
till it has come time
to find her mate.

She lives
in a place filled
with trees and
gardens showing
off her figure.

Her white coat
is as white as the
sheep that fly over
your sleep at night,
or an angel flying in the sky.

She jumps,
she screams,
she yelps,
she frees her soul
to the utter feelings of her desires.

those desires
show the light
those desires
show the emotions
of herself.

She brings out
the best in me,
she brings out
the best in

Her spark
brings the
spirit in the
heat of the
moment of everyone around.

whether good,
bad, or during
the hardest of
times. The life
of her seems to shine in and out.

When things go
wrong, you just look
and see, and what
do you get is a trip
and a half of sightful euphoria deep within…

So grab your hat,
grab your gear,
sing a song that
cheers the jeers,
and liven up for the:

Cute, Hungry, licks on Everyone…

take it easy and enjoy the pic and we go back to our work and my work indeed,

out, J

PS working on the books that I need to read.

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