The Love Deep inside of US

The love deep inside of us,

by Jason Ross

Falling forward
splitting my head
comes a dark wound
with bloody sputum.
Feeling shocked,
feeling dull and painless.

I follow myself
in a vehicle
that takes me
to a place to  revive me,
trying to bring me back
to life.

I see the lights
I see the men and women
in white coats surrounding
me, yet what is going on
and on is something that always
happens from time to time.

I see my life
before my eyes,
the good ole’ times
the bad times
and the in between times
and wonder what is going to happen now.

Then came a white light
that pushed me back
until I found myself in a castle
where there were a throne
and an empty room of judgment
from my life’s journey.

I could see myself
weeping and kneeling
wondering what will come next
only to signify that I see
past lives in front of my eyes.

Lives that were once lived,
lives that were once given
that sense of feeling towards
what I was feeling,  but
what is to come now.

Falling forward and splitting
my head was and is difficult
but this is very difficult since
being here felt very emotional
with tears.

Being told by someone when
asked why I was here,
I was told that I had a heart
attack and died… Shock to me,
shock to everyone.  shock
to the people that had to mourn for me.

Love comes in many
forms and many directions,
but the one love that you may
fall in love with forever and ever
is the one up there that loves us all.

Never give up,
Never release yourself from this life,
until it has given you up
when it is time for you
to go up there and see the one up there
who loves us all.

Feeling out of place
may be your first instinct
to not try anymore,
but it is just the beginning
of getting a better life.

See this man that
had a heart attack
falling forward splitting
his head, died for a reason
since he had lived his life
and so it goes the truth
to live the life until…

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