Relieving the Suffering,

by Jason Ross

Sharp as a shovel,
digging a deep ditch.

Sharp as a shovel,
digging and digging
till a hole is made.

Feeling out of place
Feeling life is out of place
Feeling like the wind knocked me over.

Take a look at me,
Take a good look at you,
Take a look at what has become.

A reason for action
A reason for being
A reason to duel the one who made us suffer.

To whom gets to us,
and deceives us,
and even puts us in to the gutters.

Right from wrong
Wrong from right
duels are not right.

Hate can be very strong
Hate can be disgusting
Hate is wrong.

There are no reasons
to Hate, yet many
reasons to love.

We must all feel it
We must all know it
We must all act on it, to try and reason to love.

You’ve seen it in movies,
both sides of the story,
the characters who hated and the characters who loved.

When things go wrong
when people suffer,
hate develops, but there is no reason for it.

Love is the only reason in this world
to allow yourself to push over the hump
where people make others suffer.

Love is a diamond vision
where many things happen
so great for the whole world to see and hear.

Feel yourself energized,
Feel yourself smooth
Feel yourself feel the passions of the fruits.

For the fruits of our passions
and the leaves surrounding it
are the journey that takes us…

Transfering energy from here to there
and what do you get;
a relationship in love.

enjoy the poem as you wait for tonight…

relieving my stress out, J

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