poem for my friends at Montefiore and Einstein Vascular Labs

I know that I can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but this poem is for you guys and gals…

Lessons from an Aspie,

by Jason Ross

Singing the bells and whistles
which furthers my love
to an even greater power.

An aspie like me,
falls, triumphs, lifts spirits,
to an even endless love.

I know I get stuck on things,
I know I get stuck like glue,
Falling into place eventually, yet not yet.

Rightfully I tend to shift gears
from time to time,
and time takes patience within time.

An aspie like me
gives and gives the tenderness
of my desires, yet no way of knowing how to.

Living a dream can be very hard
Living a dream can be exhilerating,
Living a dream can be essential to life.

Dreams get shattered
only when you don’t feel the dream inside you,
only when you don’t carry your own weight.

A dream that seems right there,
can be gone in an instant if you don’t keep it
right at your fingertips.

My power for the love of my dreams
takes an even greater and deeper role
for me since I am living a dream.

I know when I speak
I speak from my worries,
not from my heart.

As I sit down
and write this down
I cry till it ends.

For the greater good of
the eternal one is the
greater need for dreams to continue.

Hoping is the feeling of our nature.
the feeling of our desires,
the feeling of our cognitive abilities.

As I finish one day, I finish it
with worry since I don’t know
what will be the next day.

An accomplished person
takes it day by day
second by second till the day you are old and grey.

I feel the power in my heart
right now and the love that fulfills my stengths
which will outdue the worry.

Taking the next day to the brink of life
and the next day after that to the brink of extinction
for life takes a long time…

Revealing who I am
Revealing my inner most dreams
Revealing the feelings that give meĀ  hope…

One day a man came up to me on the street
he said one thing that struck me in the eye,
Live like no other day will come to pass.

I hope that my feelings and my dreams
continue to stay and continue to come to life.
Rightfully so…

As I embark on my next day
I sit here trying to wonder
how it will play out.

But, like what has always
been said to me that
things happen and let it be.

A future looks bright only
when you make it look bright
only when you want it to.

gotta get going,

out, J

Just remember this quote by Martin Luther King, Jr, “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

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