From Dusk to Dawn

From Dusk to Dawn,

by Jason Ross

Dark in the night,
I sense using my nose
the rights of my life
noticing that my nose
senses it all.
It is dark in the night,
riding my life with a
scent or two or three.
There comes a time
when all that is said is done.
You must go through the dark night
by yourself sensing with all the
senses of your living body.
No matter how hard it may hurt,
it can achieve the greatest fortune
of your life.
One day I sat on the bench,
in the dark night,
thinking it was nothing but a bench
because I felt and smelt it like a bench.
I sat there wondering,
wondering about my whole life
in this crazy world we live in.
This crazy world we live in
stores the mighty truth
of what our life means at the moment.
It might mean something or nothing at all,
yet it might just mean that
I must continue in the dark till
the bright sunny day appears in the morning.
The bright sunny day has not appeared for
three days, three days of darkness ever
since the three days ago when a
meteor struck and darkened the world.
Many have died for many reasons
that caused death, I sit here wondering
on this bench, am I next to go?
Then appears a light in the far distance
a star that is smaller than the sun
and I run and run to it, but it falls quickly
over my head to the other distance in the sky.
So, I wait and wait till my darkness falls
and my light appears.
the greater good and greater fear lies in the
midst of our in between.
I sit and I wait, troubles itinerate
and light up the room with a single
candle to my initial
liberation of the light.
Feeling my fortunes coming abound
only when this candle achieves the
light I want.  Hope it may be, strength
it could become, yet the light that comes
from it is the light that I made.
A candle is hope that one day a light
will appear far greater than it.
The candle died out, and I am left in the
dark, with only my smells, sounds, and touch
to gather where I am at.  My eyes have adjusted
to the darkened sky until a moment when
shooting star passes by once again.
It has been four days, four days of darkness
since that meteor crashed, and I am left in the dark.
All of a sudden I hear some flashes of noise,
the noise gets closer and closer until my
mind tricks me in to thinking it is gone.
Then, my friends appear in the darkness
with a few flashes of light in a wand.
I travel with them and they seem to be
look different in the darkness of the night.
Then, we fall in to a pit, falling and falling
until the night has emitted a spark of light.
The spark came from the pit that we all
fell into.  Lifting ourselves up in a slimey
pit is like food trying to regurgiate from
the stomach when food is distastiful to the stomach
since we are in the dark and the darkness doesn’t
help getting ourselves out of this pit.
Life’s journey in this four days almost five days of
darkness has been blind from what we could see.
One friend yells,  “hello, help”
another friend yells “over here”
and I yell “I just am at the top.”
It felt as if the pit we were in was
a ditch that was as deep as a infinite
black hole.
Since the pit that I felt I was at the top,
was just a large crevice cave in the pit
I was sitting in.
Over there, I see light finally,
but this time it is a unicorn
riding towards me going from
place to place lighting up the sky
temporarily.  I sit there waiting for that
unicorn to come to me and instead
I watch myself close my eyes
and open them I am sitting in a very
brightly lit up castle where they’re many
people watching over me, many I know, many I knew,
many i know of, and many I definitely knew of.
They sat there sitting and clapping…
Then a triumphant being comes towards me
as I wonder who he or she is.
The triumphant being greets me and
lifts me up to the light higher and higher
till the one time my eyes are forward and clear
for the first time in a while since the darkness
of the night.
I watch down at a body lying on the ground
where they’re many people looking to see what
had happened. I was also wondering till I saw that
I was the body, it was me, I had died.
I began to try and cry, but I couldn’t since I had
no tears.
The tears were all on other people’s faces at
what looked like people gathering to see me.
An apparent occasion had happened which
led this unfortunate occasion.
Now I sit and I wait up here to see what happens
next, until I see a waterfall from a cave and jump in
and out of it smothering myself in water.
The water felt good, and so did I, finally
I can move on to a greater good of my life.
Now, I wake up from a dream and I am lying on my
bed about to get up ready for the day.
I wondered what the greater good of my life
will bring for me finally.
Take your life, and take it with a breeze of the winds
falling allover you smothering your ever presence,
in this world the only thing that will be is the
life you make of it.

enjoy the poem and work hard,

out, J

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