by Jason Ross

Sitting and waiting,
wondering what next to come
I sit and I wait.
Following my eyes to the
utter length of a distance
that travels far from where I am at.
I thought I have reached it,
I thought I have stuck it out,

but I guess I didn’t.
Instead I fly around waiting
to land on something big and
comforting and while doing so
I age more and more.
Independence may last a lifetime
to gain, others may look
and sneer away wondering
why you or I, am not independent.
Yet, the marvelous sanctions of our
life gives us the abilities to
live our life in utter freedom
with independence.
Many people take advantage and
may not understand what fully
independence means especially NT’s.
Independence is like a work of art.

An art that once you achieve it
you cherish it forever and ever
holding it till that day you are
old and gray feeling like you
are needing assistance once again.
But a journey of thousands and
thousands of words to get to independence
and to build yourself up to the utter
feelings of responsibilities for yourself or I
is like the feelings of lower animals themselves.

A cheetah living in Africa may be independent, but
in a zoo he is dependent trying to break free. Even
though many may feel the cheetah can not and will not
be able to be independent in society. The cheetah wonders
like me whether the independence will prevail one day.

Never take life for granted especially when
you have achieved independence and never
seek attention towards dependence to others
since that is the vision that Aspies declare
as failure.

Showing independence like a comet in the
sky that roams around space wherever
it may go is like the freedom of our own will
to live and breath and work on our own.
People may say this, people may say that,
but life’s journey is to build the independence
one deserves.

So as I fly towards a destination
of arrival to a place that gives me
peace of mind, independence, and
my own self worth, my wings
spread over my shoulders
flying higher and higher.

out, J

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