Jason Ross

Sending his message across the land
seeking the men and women that
either fall in love or fall in love with
an interest that gives so much
to a world that one day
only the eternal one will
He may not realize at that time
what he does, he may not realize what
he says, he may not realize what he
does that gives people the sense
of what they all love about
a career that helps people
yet he realizes why he is
in the career of choice.

He dreams,
He showers his dream to others,
He even helps the ones who need
it the most when they are having
trouble with success who
don’t realize they will be successful
just like he has been.
Forget the one,
Sometimes we just need
to forget the one thing that
gets to us the most
and realize our own living
and not dying inside anymore.
Think, think, think, but
please don’t take it too seriously
since the way of this world
is to live without thinking.
Wondering what we realize
Wondering the greatness
of ourselves, is like someone
always being the wind
beneath our wings in heaven
for heaven tells us  that
there is no wind, but
the wind that everyone
in our land of earth has
given us to fly in heaven
when that time comes
to fly in heaven.
There are many
people that give us that wind
for heaven, that utter strength
deep down inside.
Feeling the paths inside of us
that we will want to do.We all know who that
someone is and what that
someone does  that
may show ourselves
the beauty of what we love.
There are so many
things to love in this world,
we just need that strength
to use the love in a way
that follows our heart
to a brink of fulfilling
our goals.
Whether aspiesh or
neurotypical we all
need to find that love
that gives us hope
for ourselves.
Not everyone has that strength,
but for me, my strength goes
further and beyond than the average,
probably from being the aspie that I am.
Turn it once,  turn it again and again,
like a sand meter in the sand
that will tell the time forward
not backward.
Living a dream
comes through and through,
but to a live great dream
of love and passion
is to live a dream

(This poem is about hope, and to take advantage of those people willing to get you where you want to be at)

out, J

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