Touch you,
touch me,
yet don’t touch me nor you.
One touch can heal,
One touch can harm,
One touch can show the love,
One touch can be so great
yet one touch can also be
and show a lot of affection.

One man has touched before
feeling the touch of life
the touch of strength
and the touch of love.
Till the day he felt the
touch of evil.

Evil makes one live
like all the harm has
come to them and
the one who touched
that way feels that
the evil is all over them. Feel, touch, help
for the goodness of
heart.One day there lived
a man who felt the
touch and ran away
from life forever,
since the touch of evil
He ran away from
anybody else who
wanted, needed, felt
his touch, being like
that forever.Seek out the people
that touch for goodness
and not for the evil
that lives within them.
Since the love of heaven
is the love of respect
and feeling for ourselves.

out, J

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