Patriots/Giants The REMATCH in the SUPERBOWL…

I am not such a big football fan, but the Eli and Tom get to rematch in the SuperBowl in two weeks on February 3rd.  I will be at a friend’s SuperBowl party in NYC that day.

I feel Eli learned a lot this past Football Season and can beat the hell out of the patriots.  Tom Brady is very good and the most confident overly confident guy, yet Eli is developing much confidence in himself like his brother Peyton did.

I saw on my stats that someone googled that Eli Manning has Asperger Syndrome. How could that be?  He is in Football, but may be it is possible yet I doubt it.

Eli Manning is one person that needs to prove his stuff to the world and is doing it at the right time now.  It goes the same for me because I need to prove my stuff to the world as well.

I need to make up my mind and decide as to where I want my life to ultimately lead to, and it takes me to feel that within me by being changing to a very decisive person.

I can’t bounce off from one idea to another not knowing which area to ultimately concentrate in.  Once I can make a decision I need to stick by it.

Anyway, Have a goodnight and to Eli Manning and the Giants, Good Job!

Aspergia Greets is coming soon…

out, J

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One thought on “Patriots/Giants The REMATCH in the SUPERBOWL…

  1. New Orleans Girls Who Like to Party

    Hi Jason. The NOGWLTP have a friend who went to Newman High School with Peyton Manning but we don’t know about Eli and Aspergers. But we’ve heard that Dan Akroyd does. Can you talk about this? Also, we heard about Temple Grandin’s Hug Machine on NPR one time. That would be something interesting to write about…
    Oh and Mardi Gras is on February 5 – don’t forget to wear your beads!