One Special Relationship with my mother and me

The most special relationship in this whole world is between my mother and I.  I think we both have a relationship which is very special and unique.  It is more unique than any other relationship in this whole world. I find it very interesting how we are so unique.  We can do things together where she helps me out a lot and I have someone to lean on figuratively because I don’t like hugging or touch in general.  I try and help her out as well by supporting her even though at times I should do it a bit more.

I have so many other special relationships as well. Ones with my family, ones with friends, and ones with other people who have come to realize how very interesting I am to be around.  I have colleagues at work who see how special I am. They look at me and say I love this guy (in platonic way, LOL).  Even people I have met through my externships from Montefiore Medical Center vascular labs and someone I met who helped me get where I ought to be at work doing the echocardiograms and stress echo’s as well to be productive and helping others.  I love what I do and I hope I can do it forever.  It is a extremely positive life for me now. It is an overwhelming experience for me.

In the end it all has to do with my very special mother.  If it wasn’t for her, I would not be able to be the person I am today and continue to be a better person as each day progresses.  She helps me so much and so does another person who helps me through things every few weeks.   I have to realize what really is important in my life and I am only beginning to realize now at the age of 29 years.

At least I am still young when I am realizing this since there are people who take a whole lifetime to try and realize what is important.  Some don’t even realize it.

Anyway, Have a good day and I hope you all can see my mother is one in a billion.


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