Obama for President all the way!!!!

I believe Barack Obama will be our great President of the United States of America.  I believe he will help anybody especially individuals with disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders.   John McCain is not the right man for this Presidency and he is not a leader.  I want a Leader not a Presidential Candidate and certainly not someone who was a war hero.  You must look at all factors in this election.  John McCain tries to blind us to all of this.

I feel Barack Obama will help us all.  Sarah Palin is somebody who wants the spotlight and will not get it because she is chasing the spotlight too much.  Plus, Sarah Palin is not ready to be Vice President and certainly not ready to be our next President either.  Though people look at Barack Obama and Sarah Palin thinking they both lack experience.  Barack Obama is a very intelligent man who is also a very humble person.  Sarah Palin is not as humble as Barack Obama.

This is why Barack Obama has a huge lead over John McCain and why Barack Obama will win.

I know no body is perfect to be president and every one seeks out perfection, but everybody has imperfections and we must look at the pros and cons of everything.  Barack Obama has pros that outweigh his cons.  I find he will be a good President. It will not be a perfect Presidency, but who says any Presidency was perfect.

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2 thoughts on “Obama for President all the way!!!!

  1. David L.

    I have this dreadful feeling McCain will squeak his way into the presidency. I often wonder if we shouldn’t just go back to letting the state legislatures appoint the electors and letting the electors choose the president without any popular vote at all. The common people are all too esaily swayed by emotion and false arguments.

    That said, my vote is already in. Almost certainly, McCain will end up winning, and the wealth distribution will continue to be more and more skewed to the wealthy, which will ensure that this current recession will turn into a depression. It is going to take a depression before the vast majority of Americans see that a “nanny” state is much preferable to an “overseer” state, that is, a fascist state. From my experiences, most Americans are still not colorblind and will not even consider voting for someone who is even only half-black.

  2. laurentius-rex

    Such touching faith.

    I would prefer at this time to see Obama win, but only because the alternative is too terrible to imagine.

    I do not think Obama will be a good president, in fact I am not at all sure there was ever a good president, except for Nixon, he was honest at least (irony)