Narnia Prince Caspian Movie

what is better than a movie that is about fantasy.  Anway, if you hadn’t read the books about Narnia, you’ll probably have a hard time understanding the movies as well.

Prince Caspian is a movie that i saw two weeks ago.  It is very good and tells the story of how when the four brothers and sisters of adam and eve come back to Narnia, it is a complete difference to when they left.  Narnia is no longer Narnia.  Humans had invaded and conquered Narnia.  Aslan was no where to be found, and Narnia was renamed while the creatures and trees and other plants of Narnia went dormant for years.

Prince Caspian is the ever eminent figure that will help Narnia be Narnia once again with the help of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy.

It is a story about survival and also a story about growing up to be an adult because Peter and Susan grow up finally to be on their own especially when Aslan comes back at some point in the movie.

It is very spiritual and for those people that want to see something inspiring and spiritual you should go see this movie.

It can’t change anyone to be better, but it can inspire you to want to change.

out, J

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