My wish right now is…

No family member of mine not even an extended family member will ever use their emotions to turn to the Dark Side of the Force again I hope.  Life is too precious for this.  It is amazing how emotions can get in the way of anything and many people feel the need to explode sometimes, even I do on occasion.  The world is a great place and the Earth where we live is the land which was created for us.  We need to accept it and allow ourselves peace of mind.   I wonder why many people just don’t have peace of mind.  It is like every man or woman in this world who tries to help one another is criticized for doing so by at least one person.  I feel peace of mind is the way to go.  A woman who I may fall in love with someday will be a gift, but not right now.  I have too much on my plate right now.  I hope to make a family someday, but not for a long time from now.  Peace of mind may seem closer than we think. All we have to do is walk away and go to our secret place which makes us happy.  A place when we were children, or for me as an Aspie to go to my secret place and look at different creativeness I made in my house watching old movies of my family.  Neurotypicals may go to the places where they used to hang out with their friends as children or teenagers.  Many people decide like me who just like to be alone somewhere blown by the wind.  I have so much to offer this world.  Everybody else has so much to offer as well. We need to listen to each other and think about what we are listening too.  It may just give us great insight.  I think my friend who will be on National Public Radio (NPR), has much to listen to, and I encourage all of you, my readers, to listen to him on NPR coming soon this month.  I also encourage all of you to discuss amongst each other different things people said for inspiration, it might just help you control the goodness of the force rather than the Dark Side of the force.

My mother and father could be Jedi Knights in the world, but it is only make believe.  Instead they are just good people who want to help others get where they ought to be at.  Make sure to listen to anybody who have a voice even the ones you may not think have one to begin with because you may just be suddenly surprised.

Jubilant emotions of excitement are important in this world. We must always find a reason to joke and laugh when things seem not to go right.  If you ever heard Popeye the Sailor man speak, he always said, “I am who I am and that’s all that I am, I am Popeye the Sailor man…” TOOT TOOT!!! After he blows his whistle of a pipe.

There are so many modern comics and cartoons we can learn from as early as the 1920’s or earlier than that.  Some cartoons now may seem to violent, but it is still something to learn.  We need to learn who we are first by eliminating extraneous unimportant things.  Take for instance an experience somebody had which hurt them deeply, it may at first seem very important, but in reality the most important thing is moving on and not being a victim.  I know this has happened to many Aspies including me.  Moving on and changing our behavior by learning Social Skills, can improve ourselves from being victimized.  It does not mean it can’t happen again, but at least it is least likely to happen again.

I know many of you are thinking Social Skills is very hard especially for us Aspies. Well, it can be good when we learn it with other Aspies from an Aspie expert Social Skills Instructor.  There needs to be separate Social Skills Instructors for everybody. This is something no body can do for themselves unless they are lucky enough to teach themselves.

Hang in there everybody like what a friend always told me at Montefiore Medical Center from George’s Labs, “You can do it.”

Like a quote I think I am repeating from a post a very long time ago, but I think it is appropriate to tell again, “You can pick your nose, You can pick your friends, but you can never ever pick your friend’s nose.” I think it means a lot of different things to me now. One, it means to follow my own dreams. Two, it means that my life is too precious to worry about unimportant matters like a friend’s nose or anything. Finally, I feel it means that a friend is someone who is going to support us in times of need.  They should never be on top of us,  only you can be on top of yourself.  Right now I must be on top of myself to lift my own spirits up and to help my own experiences get even more positive.  I know in the past it may have seemed like I was picking certain friends’ noses (a metaphor) meaning I held on to certain people way too much.

In the end,  extended family doesn’t even matter since they are not the immediate family especially the way certain extended family is to immediate family.  I know I have so many people in this world who care about me. Family starts with parents, siblings, and pets.  It continues with every other person you meet in life who feels they really care about you. It is not always an Uncle or Aunt like in a lot of cases.  Since even family gets jealous of one another deciding not to talk to each other anymore.  Jealousy is part of human nature as well as greed.  Two factors which need to be controlled.

Take it easy,


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