My great team who who works with me to get me where I ought to be at!!

There are many people in my life who have helped me become the person I am today.  I am attending a program called ” Creative Alternatives of New York.” This program is one of the catalyst that has enabled me to move forward.  I have been blessed with many mentors in my life who helped me.

It makes me wonder what really brings joy to my life.    My mother and father are one in a billion who will try and help me out the best way they can. I have always felt closer to my father than my brothers through the years.  I think it is because he could also possibly be on the Autism Spectrum as well.  If he is, I don’t think he needs a diagnosis because he is doing great.  His personality has been developed and smoothed over several times in which I feel he has made it.  My father is a great person who will always find peace of mind because he always creates it for himself.  He is an individual who I can also look up to with honor.

This team which was assembled for me began when I was born and my mother was the main person in my life to help me.  Through the years in public school, there was one other man who started being the outsider who had the greatest impact on my life.  He and I became very close during those years.  He is a teacher who helped me get through those years, and even though we had no idea what the true diagnosis was.  He is now trying to have a better understanding of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I know the type of person he is, that he will try to understand as much as he can to gain the knowledge and help other people. He doesn’t know about the Autism Spectrum right now as much as he wants to, but I know he will read up on it since he is always willing to learn.  He is very humble and kind which is a trait everybody who has helped me in the past has had.

These people who helped or help me in my life all seem to have very similar personalities through the years.  A special person who was at Adaptations had always been there for me, he is a person involved with people with disabilities to work with them to learn skills.  He and I have worked well together before he left Adaptations.  I hope he can still work with me through the years to make me a better person.

He knows I am like the energizer bunny and have the tenacity to keep on striding.  By his interaction with me I know he believes I will not give up.  There is a possibility that I will have to travel to other locations for my work.  This does make me feel uncomfortable to go to unfamiliar places.  Adapting to new situations is always a challenge for me, but I know I can easily learn this with time.  I just need to give it a chance.  My boss has the confidence in me and I will not let him down.  By his understanding of Asperger Syndrome and the many intricacies, which is a rarity for any boss to understand,  he is always willing to learn and humble person.  My boss does become frustrated with me at times.  I know when he feels this way by the look on his face. I just continue to do my job and know he will talk to me later on to point out what I did.

I know I have not really  been listening to the people who are trying to help me.  I need to listen to people who have my best interest in mind especially when I write these posts.  I want to follow through on what people are trying to help me work on my activities of daily living and my interactions.  I want to show other individuals on the on the Autism Spectrum, that they have a chance to live their life to the fullest.

I met this friend Manny at Adaptations a year ago and now we have become very good friends. Manny and I have a great deal in common and we both want to be able to be productive members of society.  One of the bonds we both share are our willpower and determination.   We help each other out in so many ways by talking through issues we are having times and being supportive of each other.

I love my whole team in my life especially now with the people in my life at the moment.  I can not ask for more and I will not.  Oh yeah, if it was not for one other person who lives in Puerto Rico now, I definitely would not be where I am today. She and I are very good friends, I’d have to say Best Friends forever. She is like my guardian angel if I really did have one.   She is taking care of her baby and husband now like a real mother/wife does, and I know she is very happy.

We should all think of all the great people who have helped us in our life.  It is important to give a big Thank you to all those people every once in awhile.  Not all the time, but once in awhile to show them you always appreciate what they do.  Never do things because other people do it.  Just do the thing you love the most to ‘just do it’ like Nike says in its commercials.

Thank you to my webmaster because you help me out so much and I am very grateful for what you do for me and my website.  I will be putting up more of my fiction and poetry up as well.

Have the most wonderful day because today is the beginning of a great positive life coming up for all of us.

The ball has been passing by my plate and instead of swinging and missing, I can get a Grand Slam any time any day.


PS We should learn from the people who did not help us as well because those people may need help for themselves.

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