My Friend Manny on NPR, WNYC.ORG

Here is the radio link to my friend Manny on WNYC.ORG. We both have Asperger Syndrome. We help each other out no matter what the circumstance is. Everything we do, we do it to help the world out. We are part of the process in helping every one in the world understand the Autism Spectrum. Being educated is very important and being able to learn is very important. Since we all have a mind and can learn infinitely, why the heck not learn as much as we can. The mind is like the infinite universe. Einstein said the Space time continuum, I call it a step further, the mind, space, time continuum. What if the mind can give us answers to the universe? We need to understand what every individual feels and lives like in this world. Remember to always try and be the rare person to use more than 10 % of your mind.

here is the original link:

As for now, I bring you my friend Manny’s radio show introduction on NPR!

Hope you all enjoy listening to this link and the small audio embedded from the NPR site…


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