Motivational techniques to learn Social Skills lessons without making the same mistakes

The only person who can motivate people to learn social skills the right way is the individual who wants to learn.  Everybody can try and try to teach somebody, but if they don’t want to learn, they won’t do it.  I feel the only other person to motivate us to learn the social skills is another person who is Autistic.  Autism Spectrum Disorders is variable and unique, but we motivate each other to do better at least in my experiences.

Some people with Autism Spectrum Disorders do not want any part of Social Skills and I need to respect this even though they most likely will find life harder dealing with people in general.  I feel I want to start a Big Brother/Big Sister program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  An adult on the Autism Spectrum can help these children live easier, healthier lives becoming role models to look up to.  I know ‘Big’ exists already.  I want my life to become easier with learning social skills and listening to others helping me by helping out children on the Autism Spectrum.

Social Skills continues to be essential in this life to be able to interact properly with members of society.  There are certain protocols to guide me through, to function in society.  I feel I am doing a great job, but need improvement just like anybody else.  Life is a learning experience having to always give ourselves ways to function optimally in this world.

Motivational techniques for people to learn these skills by becoming a ‘Big’ will show children who are struggling, they have a role model to observe and learn from.  It gives us the gift of life and hope for the future.  It will make my mom very proud of me giving back to this world what was given to me.

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One thought on “Motivational techniques to learn Social Skills lessons without making the same mistakes

  1. Kathleen

    I think this is a great idea. Sometimes I see autie kids who are essentially orphaned in their own families and I just feel so bad for them. I also think half the value lies in “consulting” with their families to reduce a lot of the sensory stuff and to validate the kid.