May we all keep working hard to keep to stay as a UNIT

It is very important for people in this world to stay as a strong forceful unit. If not, we are destined for failure.
There are way too many people out in the world, probably 90% of people who are too damn greedy and impatient with their lives. Please think of yourself, but also how this world can live as a single unit of faith.

Here is a my poem of faith:

A strong wistful wind coming forward
spreading from place to place.
It has nothing to do with anything
and most to do with pain and sorrow.
A breezier lighter wind whistles through
spreading from side to side, up and down.
Lighter winds fight the strong wistful winds.
Sink in to your chairs,
Sink in to your seats,
there is a ride coming forward
ready for this
and ready for that.
Help is on the way
to help ours as a unit form.
Some may resist
Some may even fight
fight so hard in the end which is left with nothing,
but at least we try.
Take it hard,
Take it sound,
Take it to the next level.
The next level may be
a windy breeze away,
though the windy breeze
is here, we should always let
our sorrows go.
Think of this and never let go.
My breeze is your breeze
as I sit by the ocean
and melt myself away.
Don’t fret, we melt
together as a U-N-I-T!
The faith we have
is the faith we got.

here is a song for the ages:

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