Making mistakes mean What?

Making mistakes means that we do something that we later regret.   When you like a woman that you find you are not atttracted to at first, yet you get very attracted to her through time, what can you do.   There were woman that I liked in the past due to the fact that I didn’t like them at first and then I developed a huge attraction for them can’t letting go of that.   The woman was not married when that developed, but as I got to know her and know her I got more and more attracted.  Then, something devastating happened, she got married  to a man that led her to move away.  Now when that stuff happens, I can’t let go because I never got to tell her my own feelings before that happened.

Yet, I knew it was not going to work out anyway, then again I guess it turned out like this: Here me out, I feel that she was supposed to be my guardian angel only.  And if you say that you can fall in love with a guardian angel, you must be crazy because guardian angels come into this world for certain reasons in which to help the person at the time and move on.  Never to have  any attraction at all, yet in this case it happened anyway.

There will be more women to come in my life and hopefully that  one of those women will be the woman I fall in love with.

Have you ever come across a guardian angel before without realizing it?

For what do guardian angels purpose in this world because my purpose was I guess to make sure that my life had order in this world where I got what I wanted and made sure that only the right things happened.  I am proving to the world especially to the world I belong helping me in the medical field.

Though, I hoped to become a doctor, I guess I can settle with this.

I can’t wonder when I will see the guardian angel again, yet all I know is that I have to do the things I need to do for myself because if I don’t do that  I will be a failure.

The eternal one up there works in mysterious ways.  There have been other guardian angels in my recent past, and I hope that I haven’t gotten them too upset.  There are a lot of people that are in this world that need help and for those people the eternal one tries his hardest to send out certain people to help out.

Those people will do there darndest to do whatever it takes to make sure a certain person is not a failure even if the person who needs some help getting through this world needs to fight its way against certain other people that try to destroy the creditibility and security of him/her in need of help.

Things happen for a reason.  When parents are stressed, there is always somebody else that the eternal chooses to help someone in need of help to get where he/she wants to be at desperately.

Think of the world as a way of getting through the mission.  When people desperately want to get through the mission and need help the eternal one hears them, sending messages, then people hear it while one person or many people who have the most heart takes the message seeking the person who needs help.  When they find the person who needs help, without realizing it during the time the two people find themselves connected in a different sense of the word connected.   Yet, do we talk about it at first, no, but then we realize it. When we realize it, it is all over.  How many guardian angels come into this world anyway?

Are we all somebody’s guardian angel though?

Like, since I found my guardian angel and she left, do I have certain people I need to help.

There is a friend that I know that I got angry at for certain reasons of what he did to me, yet am I supposed to help this friend find his mojo.

anyway, leads to another posting,

out, J

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