Loving someone comes in different packages

Many people love people for certain reasons. Reasons that are unexplainable by the man or woman who loves the person. There are so many different forms of love. The one true love is trusting and ultimately being so committed that you only want to love the one person who you truly love. Though, you can like a friend to be only platonic love where the one person you love will never be greater than just a friendship.

There are many movies that show the true feelings of love, one that will come out soon called “Adam” with Hugh Dancy which is still in post production while the other is “The Truth about Cats and Dogs” with Janine Garofalo. These movies and much more are to show the getting to know a person so much that you just have to fall in love with them.

Commitment is very hard. Just because somebody looks gorgeous doesn’t mean they are for you. We may like them a lot and think about them, but in the end if we ever meet them in person they become ugly. Which brings me to a story or a past theory of mine, there is four areas of a person that each person weighs on when evaluating if they truly love a person or not. This varies from person to person:

Pretty outside, Pretty inside

Ugly outside, Pretty inside

Pretty outside, Ugly inside

Ugly outside, Ugly Inside

These categories are what I created. Yet, The ones that get the most underlooked are the Ugly on the outside, Pretty in the inside because most people don’t recognize these people. The ones who do see these types of people are the ones who have potential to be in love. Yet, everybody strives to have the first one I mentioned, but everyone is meant to be with a person for a specific reason and it is very hard to find a person like the first I mentioned. Somebody who finds someone to be ugly in the inside might be completely pretty to a different person. Or a person who finds a person is pretty in the inside, the other person might think differently. It all varies from individual to individual. That is what makes us individuals with our own feelings and intuitions. We meet certain people for a reason who complete us. Every individual has their own feelings on who they feel is in what category.

This creates a sense of individuality where everybody finds someone to love them. Just don’t think superficially think deeper than that. Think if the person you are with is the person that fits you emotionally and intellectually.

In order to find a person you love, you must figure out your common interests and your common dislikes. From that you find the person you want to love.

I remember when I was younger and the “Truth about Cats and Dogs” came out I must have seen it a thousand times because it inspired me. It teaches me to be confident and accepting of myself to allow people to love me for who I am and to see the truth in others. I have not seen the movie in a few years and seeing it on television tonight with my granny sparked the influence again.

To me, if someone is shallow and only sees the looks, they will miss the one true love in their life. It is what brings joy to life even for people on the Autism Spectrum who have those loving feelings as well.

A movie I can’t wait to see come out in theaters and I hope the critics love it very much is the Hugh Dancy film called “Adam.” It will be phenomenal.

Anyway, I know someday I will find that person for myself, but please take it easy and I will post again soon. Enjoy this video I put up.

out, J

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3 thoughts on “Loving someone comes in different packages

  1. someone to love you more than i

    In a weird way, it does make sense. A lot of posts have proclaimed that it was dumb to give HCRP an extension AND to fire him mid-season. In a weird way it actually can make sense to do both things. First, regarding the mid-season firing.

  2. bigpooper

    yo j, the video of the roses has to go and you need to put pics up from the DMC bday party at FOUR FACE already. there are literally MORE THAN TWO people waiting to see them. i heard it was one of the greatest parties ever!
    we LOVE to party.
    later J!
    -the new orleans girls who like to party