Love is in the air, isn’t this true?

This is the truth about life.  Love is the greatest fortune in our life. My love is my love for g-d.  I will love no body more.   I will live in my solitude because I don’t need anybody else next to me in my bed.  I can live in my life this way because this is my make up.  I hope everybody understands this about me.

Some day I want to take a trip by myself to some place where I can camp out on my own like how Henry David Thoreau did. He was incredible.  I find the truth is I can just live my life with my interests, friends, and family without ever trying to be in any kind of relationship ever.

I don’t need one to survive.

I can survive by myself.  AIntimate Sexual Relationships are the most stressful things a life can put anybody through. It is difficult and no body can understand how difficult how a relationship I mentioned can be this way.  I’d rather be on my own, I choose it, I choose to live in solitude.

A difference in people is so hard to understand sometimes. My brothers and rest of my family can not live in solitude, but I can. Most of the world can not live in solitude.


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