Lonliness and Solitude is a difference

Who lives in loneliness and with solitude.  People that are lonely like my grandma tend to weep when they can’t be with other people.  While people in solitude like myself tend to be happy by themselves and can do things by themselves without having to do things with other people.

I like to be by myself and it is very important to be by yourself sometimes, but I have come to realize over the years that people need to have other people to be with sometimes to do things with.

Okay, so I understand that, but for what purpose.   In order to communicate effectively with others and practice the communication in order to succeed in this life’s world.  Anyway, solitude can not succeed in this world because most people are Neurotypicals and because of that it leaves the  Aspie to adapt and feel compelled to try and be with other people communicating with them a whole lot of the time.

That is how I have learned about the world since I was younger because this world we live in is about communication and being with other people which makes an Aspie lonely because the world is unlike anything that Aspies comprehend in this world when Aspies like myself start out as children in this world. Then as we become Adults with Asperger Syndrome, we must communicate effectively to earn a living with a good job that satisfies us.  Yet, we can not ever dare to be alone unless we become the outcast of society.  So we learn to adapt to the society of this world and live with learning to communicate effectively.

Teach people the ways of every means of communication especially talking and listening because that is the most important aspect of this world that we live in.     Without it, we would not have any means of a job that can satisfy us and earn a living.

Money pays the bills and by making money, you are earning a living that satisfies your interest that you love to do all the time.

take it easy,

out, J

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