Long time no see or hear, then…

Last Week was a week of interesting dilemma since so many things happened that created frustration at work and at home.

This week at work on monday, it was the same old usual things going on, then a burst of someone I haven’t not seen in nearly 2 years.  It was her last day in NY, don’t know how long she said in NY, but she popped in to work and there she was, different, but the same.

They say that when you least expect something to happen, it happens. Yet, sometimes I think to much and wonder, Geez, this person I thought never wanted to see me again, and here she is again seeing me.  Well, she came, she went, and she’s gone once again.

It was a nice surprise, but now I look forward to the ARTISTIC SPECTRUM poetry reading that I will be doing on Thursday at 7pm.

Possibly a few people I work with including my boss my even be there. Gee Whiz, is that pretty scary, Just kidding.

Anyway, Drivemomcrazy.com will have tee shirts soon and selling them to a price I do not know yet.

Aspergia Greets episodes coming soon to this website near you,

out, J

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