Living in this World is an Dream come true, don’t you think? Stop living like you hate it or are negative…

This world is meant for us. We were meant to be in this world because we have no choice. We can save ourselves in this world.  There are so many negative things happening, but people need to realize the yin and yang go hand in hand.

Every time you stick your neck out for someone or an animal or a plant or even any living organism, you are helping out the one eternal being up there!   This being who will help us if we help ourselves and other human beings and living organisms.  We are who we are and no body can take this away from us.

I love this world, we should all love this world. Please stop focusing on money so much, it doesn’t matter as much as the love matters in this world. I love all beings in this world. They all serve a purpose and always will. You need to remember this at all costs.

Just do it and not be the selfish, greedy, impatient person everybody seems to hate. Be the humble and kind person who always loves everything not focusing one remote idea on money.

Have the most wonderful Thanksgiving to all who will cherish this day forever! I want every individual in this world to celebrate the Thankfulness of what this world gives.   We need to be thankful for everything this world offers us including the good living organisms which bring us to life.  Positive energy is euphoria and we will sanctify every gracious euphoria we can get our hands on.

This world is about the love deep down inside of us all.  The love we will all cherish forever. Give every one a smile and cheer up, it will happen as long as you focus on your passions in life. Finance and money is just a way to distract us from what is really important in life.

One of the many ways we can focus on the importance life has to offer is by Individuals on the Autism Spectrum who need to educate every one in the world especially Rocklanders in New York State, USA who are in the dark not knowing much about Autism Spectrum Disorders. Anybody in Rockland County, New York who is reading this needs to talk to and be educated by as many Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders as they can. The Autism Spectrum is so broad and variable. We need to show the love, not condemning and dissolving those individuals with this Neurological condition like myself.

More to come on other ways we can show to help out, like stoping the angry negativity in this world which causes Darth Vader’s suffering.

posting later on,


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One thought on “Living in this World is an Dream come true, don’t you think? Stop living like you hate it or are negative…

  1. Josh K

    It is important to enjoy life but its essential to have money to pay the rent. Balance is everything in life.
    Keep up the thought provoking articles.

    Josh K

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