Living in the World

There are too many people living in this world who take life for granted.  This is sad.  Life is too precious for this.  We must see the positive outlook in every individual in this world.  Even the person who says they feel the most positive in the world, sees some negative too.  Negative feelings are our strong intense angry emotions which get to us the most. It is why Jenny McCarthy wants to eliminate the vaccines to be given to people.  Vaccines do not cause Autism. There is no cure for Autism at all. Stop thinking this and only think of the Positive things this whole world can give even your son or daughter who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder or better yet any disability for that matter can do something.  We must consider all aspects of a person’s life to be considered in this world.  Yes, there may be a lot of negative, but please focus on the little bit of positive which can overcome the negative.

Take it or leave it and never just leave it. Take it with stride, Take it with passion.  We are all a creation which has purpose in this world.  I know some of you think of the negative which gets to be so strong and intense, you only want things to happen and even say “I wish” or “I hope”. NO, this is wrong!!!!

Please just think of the influences and strides which can help the person who is struggling.  I know there are some people who won’t make huge strides, but at least they can make baby step achievements in life and you must always take care of this person who is struggling.  No matter what the situation occurs in life there is always a reason for a chance in life.

I had a discussion with a few people who say they don’t think everybody can be a contributing paid worker in society, some people just can’ t do it. Yes, this may be true.  There is always something somebody can do even if it is a really small job which has very little responsibility.

Ease the person in to it and they will achieve it.  I know I am high functioning and I am being able to achieve a lot in my life, but there is a way in which everybody can do the things for success. We have to work together as equals. Humble people all the way and take enough strides for helping others.  There is no way a single person can do nothing in life.  The Artistic Spectrum is huge and many of us on the Autism Spectrum are very intense in the arts or very intense in the sciences.  My science skills are so intense and inspiring.  I love to use ultrasound to scan the heart and the vascular system.  I love getting difficult studies to perform.  It is a challenge and relieving for me to feel relaxed, I can feel successful finally.  Our attention to small details can help people out big time.

Take it easy and I know everybody can do something.  I love life.


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