Learning from each other even Neurotypicals can learn the Achievements Autistics can Make!

We achieve because it helps our self-esteem.  If somebody brings us down and we  achieve nothing, how can we say we are people at all.  A person is somebody who reveals his true self not allowing anybody to influence their way of thinking and being.  We are who we are because that is what was intended for us.  Generation after generation of people show  many aspects of humankind: Neurotypical and Aspies/Auties.

Our own self-discovery helps with this process of knowing what we truly want out of life.  Most people in this world (I’d say 90% of people) probably do not expose their true selves.  Instead people like to be influenced and follow other people’s footsteps.  Instead of following other people’s footsteps: Follow your own dreams.

A dream is something we truly want out of life.  Every one has different passions in life.  A passion is a dream which needs development and maturity.  At first its just a dream, then it is born, following immaturity, then finally maturity and wisdom.  A hero is somebody who you feel helped you make a dream come true.  You may  have had trouble getting started, but eventually the dream does with a hero or mentor in your life to support you.  A mentor or hero is not the only one who helps, there are many mentors/heroes.

Any individual can achieve his lifelong dreams. Some people may need help while others can do it on their own by motivating their guts to move.  It takes guts to motivate yourself.  Think about your life and wonder whether you want to pity yourself or motivate yourself.  No body likes a person who you have to feel sorry for.

Live your life as your own leader of your infinite mind.  The mind which is as big as the universe.

Think in pictures of the many stars in space which represent matter in your brain.  Each star of matter in your brain carries a weight of a ton of information you learn in one day.  This is a part of our infinite mind of stars.  These stars could also represent a pearl from the oceans.  Each pearl is a learned part of ourselves.  We all learn many pearls of wisdom a day given to us.

Here are what could be our pearls of wisdom we don’t get to see.  We only feel it inside of ourselves.  Notice the holes in them which represent what we can still learn and add to our pearls of wisdom to make it stronger.


Anyway, I hope you know the pearls of wisdom which give us knowledge we have to learn new everyday. We can all make it in this world by the proper support, guidance, and patience. It just takes time.


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