It has been long hard road…

It has been and continues to be a long hard road when it comes to being someone with Asperger Syndrome.  Yet, I am working hard now trying to pass an exam that comes soon in March.  Hopefully I pass and things turn for the better.

This website has been a website of my creative ways in which I have developed many different types of readers.

As I continue the journey of this website and myself, I also  am continuing my journey through the field of ultrasound as a cardiac sonographer or echocardiographer.  When I finish my journey 40 years from now, I will hopefully have succeeded at what I wanted to accomplish with it. Since no body can look that far into the future, I am taking smaller steps by acknowledging the baby steps I am taking now and continue to read and learn.

Here is a photo of me finally and soon to come a photo of me with chloe the maltese dog:


take it easy,

out, J

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