I want to teach other people in this profession to be good too…

I want to be able to teach other people the same things I am doing to make everybody remember what is important about scanning, to have the best image, Doppler waveform anybody can get. It is so important and there are lazy tech’s out there who do not do the proper scanning, but I will try to do it.  The friends I know are not lazy though.  There are times when I do have a lot of trouble due to the fact the study I am performing is Technically Difficult or Limiting.  Not every Ultrasound is like that though.

If you can get something, and get it right, then just get it right! No body should assume it could be normal since there could be mistakes being made.  We know what it means when people assume!

Anyway, I like to do what I do because it is fun and relaxing to be a Cardiac and Vascular Technologist.  I even love to palpate pulses before I do the exams.  It is a great learning experience.  Palpating pulses is very important before doing an exam especially in the legs and arms.

I know how to do Echocardiograms, Stress Echocardiograms, and Vascular Technology very well!!  My feeling is the doctor I work for also feels it too and thinks I am very valuable.  We have a strong bond together.

I want to teach people so they can do the same good job as me.  It is also a learning experience to learn from somebody else.  Sharing of knowledge is very important since none of us are know-it-all’s.  Humble people along the way!  Take time out to teach and I hope I can too…


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