I want everybody to know what really matters is every single individual needs attention and Love in support of times of Negativity

My life up to this point has shown my friend and I are gaining more and more media attention. It is important to stay humble and true to yourself in times of media attention.  If not, the doors slam close on you in a blink of an eye.  My life has also been the yin and yang and due to unusual circumstances with a particular surgery coming up, my website will be on hold for a week in December.  At this time please reflect on everything I have written and always remember what I write is my true feelings this world needs to focus on.

The main idea in life is to realize every single person needs the attention and no body is above anybody else.  We must always remain humble and true to ourselves at all times of our lives.  Things can continue to flourish for people as long as nothing gets in the way of their goals especially for me.  I still have many goals to enable me to live my life better with more quality and stimulus to gain my goals in life.

I feel I am doing well, but I also need improvement like anybody else in this world.  A goal is not done until we are set and no body in this world is set since there is many people who need to restart their lives.  A life goes through cycles and since everybody is not completely stable in one lifetime, we need to focus on the task to allow the doors to remain open.  It feels nice to have a door open, but when the door closes in front of your face, it feels sad and hurts to our inner core.

I am sure many of you in this Global Crisis has seen the door slam shut in front of your face, but another door can open up as long as you focus on a specific task to restart your lives.  It starts with one small step and ends with a small step as the another door cracks open to find a whole new world.

May be the next best thing for all of us to do is live our life trying to help as many people in this world as we can.   It is what will make every body happy.  Every body in this world has a right to tell people what hurts inside and needs to feel better about themselves.

I hope someday people who have hurt other people in this world could understand, they would feel the same way if they felt hurt as well.

Enjoy the love in this world and please do enjoy each other.

Think Positive, Think grounded, never think you are above anybody else.  We must all stay humble

Take it easy,


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