I want everybody to answer the poll question for today

The poll question for today is information for me to what all DMC readers love about my website.  If you can please take time out of your busy lives since you are reading this website anyway at the moment, read the poll question and check off an answer. If you want to have all of the above, then please check off all of the above.

You can comment on this post if you’d like to let me know if this was a good idea.  I need to know because I have many interesting ideas and I love to write many things and take pictures as well.  I know I will get focused on one topic and I want to please my DMC readers by giving DMC readers what they want to see or read.  I know 1 of the things a DMC reader who always has seen this site since it began is more of Chloe pictures.  Though, there is more to me and more to this site than just Chloe.  I will put up more pictures of Chloe, but I have lot’s of different ideas for posts as well.  I can’t just put pictures of Chloe up.

Anyway, I hope this is informative and I get positive feedback.


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2 thoughts on “I want everybody to answer the poll question for today

  1. abfh

    Hi Jason. I like all the positive energy that comes across on your website. I didn’t answer your poll, though, because I wasn’t sure what category to put that in.

  2. CS

    I answered with the videos. I was the first to take the poll! But, for some reason, it recorded by answer as funny things that happened to me. I always like videos so no surprise that there.