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here is a poem:

Equality is the truth, Sensitivity is not, We are all Individuals improving our lives,

by Jason Ross

Finding Truth is very hard to do.
Finding a truth is sensitive to all of us.
I just want the truth be told
so everybody knows finally
what the truth really is,
deep inside I have feelings.
Deep inside my family
never even knew.
Deep inside I will
express it to the point
where my life will achieve
the unachieveable no body
in the world ever knew.
I am humble, I am an equal
to every one individual the
world has ever seen.
No body ever should feel
they are not equal,
We are all equal!

Thank you very much for reading this!!

I know people have always tried to tell me how I felt in the past, but I feel what I feel.  I am talking for the past few years like a motor mouth because I want to get out everything I always wanted  to say, but could not seem to get the words out for most of my life.

Hope you all are have a good day! I am certainly having a wonderfully beautiful day filled with great sunshine and beauty.


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