I haven’t posted in a week…

I was preparing myself this past week to take an exam on Saturday. I passed it and now I am going to post up again and get you people excited for more episodes of Aspergia Greets and much much more.

To start out,  I have my acting class today at 1pm at the JCC Manhattan called Creative Alternatives of New York, it is a fabolous program that helps me out tremendously.

There are many reflections I like to make today, the first thing is that it really doesn’t matter when you take an exam and pass it the score one achieves especially if all that matters is that you pass.

These exams are hard enough to get through and purposely done so because if it were easy every body would pass every exam.

It is a long hard road to get through and as long as you work hard and never get lazy and scared, the crucial success will kick in.

I am writing a script now that George is going to be consultant on about something that everybody will like.

I am continuing to write it now, but it is a secret.  I was taking a break from it to pass the exam this weekend, and I did, with flying colors.

Anyway, do you ever hear the song by Lionel Richie called Dancing on the Ceiling, it is good, isn’t it.

Have a great day,

posting later on,

out, J

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