I can’t wait to see Hugh Dancy’s film ‘Adam’

I know I helped Hugh Dancy with playing the part of ‘Adam’ who is a character with Asperger Syndrome. I can’t wait to to see this film finally. It will be amazing to see how I helped Hugh Dancy with the film.

Thank you Hugh Dancy for listening to my friends and I.  I can’t wait to see your film and how much I helped an actor do his part in a movie.

Hugh is a great person and he has great charisma and a very caring heart.  He will make this world proud whent the movie wins an Oscar from the Academy Awards.  I know this to be true and I hope Oscar is waiting for your honor to be awarded finally.

We must all stay humble and true to ourselves so that the spotlight stays on us. Otherwise the spotlight will leave because no body can allow anything get in the way of their life.

I will succeed at staying humble and grounded. It is very important.

I know Hugh Dancy will to because he is a good person as well.  I think he will show the world even more about life’s journey and it struggles with everybody in this world.  Everybody struggles and we all need to show the deep strength inside of us all to get through the struggles.

Take it easy and let it be known we will all have the ease of struggles. GO BARACK OBAMA!!!! TAKE IT WITH STRIDE!


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