I am following my heart in to my dreams coming true

I do what I need to do in order to get what I want.  Many people in my life right now pull tricks on me because they may seem as if I am a  fool.   They don’t realize I am no and as soon as they realize I am not,  I have pulled the rug right in front their faces making them fall flat on their face.  I will do this all the time to prove to this world who I am and what I can do.  I encourage all other Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders to do the same I do to make the rest of the world seem like a fool.  Anybody who thinks Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders are fools are really the fools themselves. We are the smart ones out there, and all the Neurotypicals in the world are the fools who don’t realize our full potential in life.  We can do so much more with ourselves if you give us early intervention and accept us as people who live in this world too.

Think about this and never do anything to hurt us or create a sense we are fools because all of you are the fools who think this about us.

A fool is someone not realizing someone else is smart so they will do whatever it takes to show the smart ones are stupid.  Usually caused by Jealousy.  Jealousy hurts a lot when a Neurotypical person does things to smart good people to hurt them.

Don’t ever hurt someone who is smarter than you because you are Jealous.  I find I have been hurt so many times in my life.  People can be really cruel in this world.  No body needs to see another person who is being cruel to me or someone else on the Autism Spectrum.  No body deserves to be hurt.

In any case, I hope I can continue to do better things in this world.

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One thought on “I am following my heart in to my dreams coming true

  1. Briefe Schreiben

    Hi there! Your Post “llowing my heart in to my dreams coming true at drive mom crazy” is very interesting for me. Unfortunately my written English is not so good so I write in German: Dir, meinem liebsten, gehrt mein Herz vom Anfang bis zum Ende, in Freude und Schmerz. Fr dich, mein Liebster ist mir nichts zu viel, ob Himmel, ob Hlle, nur du bist mein Ziel. Yours sincerely Briefe Schreiben