How to spot a jerk?!?!

The easiest way to spot a jerk when you see one right before your eyes. It is very hard to spot a jerk yet how do you do it is the question.

Take for example, EG is walking down the street and sees 10 people on the street of New York City, what is the probability that one of them is a big Jerk that EG could meet.

Anyway, I can’t tell, can you.

How do you value your people that you are friends with so that you do not wind up with a jerk?

This is a social relations study that I am trying to perform, How to spot a Jerk when you see one walking down the street and you can’t tell by their looks.

Anyway, I guess you have to talk to that person and figure it out yourself who is a jerk and who is not.

It is very hard, yet I have worked with jerks before who made me look bad, I have talked with them who made me look bad, and even seen the jerks at home when they visit me at home.

Yet how can you tell when that person is a jerk and trying to let you feel like them.

Jerks just like the Jerky brothers movie.

What is a jerk anyhows?

by the dictionary on the

A jerk is a contemptibly naive, fatuous, foolish, or inconsequential person.

Let’s break this down it is a person who doesn’t really care much about anybody or anything.

Do you know any famous jerks in history whether past or present?

Post any names of famous jerks.

Anyway, this way we can all who read this site spot a jerk from an arm’s length a way much more easily.

I guess it takes practice to do this.

Have a good day,

out, J

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