Harvesting in the season

A season of renewal especially for any body on the Autism Spectrum. Yesterday I was thinking of Thanksgiving and how very grateful we should be living on this extraordinary planet.  Life is a precious gift reconsecrating our formidable lives.  We need to inspire each other to do better in this world.  No body should be left undone.  This Thanksgiving will hopefully bring this for anybody on the Autism Spectrum struggling in this world so they can look at my friend, me, or anybody else who is reaching their potentials in life.   I was told last night by my brother some people either are too lazy to reach their potentials or are just not up to the hype most people give them.  I know this is true because I see it all over how some people who have had hype, fall through the cracks.  My brother gave me an example by telling me about this year’s Michigan football.

How can people lead others to believe they will be good when in reality they will not lead up to the hype they are given?

I really do not understand this.  For me, I was told I would never make it in anything. I had no hype whatsoever not even when I went to Ultrasound School. There were other people who the teacher was hyping up while I was not seen as anything special.  Now I know from working in the field doing a great job in two specialities that I am really that damn good at this. I would like to start the Buena Salud Ultrasound School later in life after I have developed even more experience.  This school will teach many people on the Autism Spectrum the gift of performing Ultrasound Technology far better than any Neurotypical.  We just need to learn the Social Skills we lack.  I am so happy I learned from and continue to learn from the best doing a great job on my studies.  I understand a bit more why some people do not live up to the hype, I guess it is because they have blinded too many people to what really is good in life.  A good person who leads up to the hype is somebody who does not brag and a good person who doesn’t have any hype just sits back waiting for his shining light to appear on him.  I did not have any hype and am sitting back waiting for my shining light to brighten more.

I guess I should begin to rest up for today before I am with friends by continuing to read and look at pictures of my studies.  I want to have a good time later with my friends.

Let’s harvest the season to carve out our names beginning a new era…

posting again soon,


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