Happy New Year 2009 is coming in few hours…

Next year 2009 is a new year and for every new year brings new adventure and new learning experiences with old learned lessons. Many new people you could meet and old friends you have.

Think of your resolutions which could make your new world. New Year’s wishes are not good because people who wish tend not to get their wishes every day.

Here is a story of resolutions which could improve yourself in a big way. Every one should come up with at least 1,001 resolutions to improve yourself.

Everybody needs to find improvement to get better.


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One thought on “Happy New Year 2009 is coming in few hours…

  1. Aspie Bird

    Hi Jason,
    Happy new year to you!
    1001 suggestions to improve myself, interesting….
    Concerning this blog I want to give more respons to people’s writing (that’s nr. 1)…

    People often talk about what they should want themself to be or how they would like to be. Just do it, that makes more sense I guess.