Great things in Self-Esteem and Social learning…

You never know what will happen, but this week could be a very good week if only I let myself breathe easier by thinking optimistically. There are many ways in which things can turn out good by transferring negative energy out in to the sky, and lifting yourself up with positive energy by first smiling. A smile brings out the joys in life even when things are bad.

Self-confidence comes in many different packages with Self-Esteem to which why many people with Asperger Syndrome like myself should read the current book, Self-Esteem and Asperger Syndrome by Norm Ledgin. Zosia Zaks book, Life and Love, Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults sounds like a good book for me to read as well as other people with Asperger Syndrome. Which comes to a very important conference that I attended.

The AHA conference was pretty good. I found it very informative and helpful. The keynote speaker’s speech on Sexuality was very good and funny too. One of the things that you have to realize about sexuality is that there is a hidden social component that is very hard to understand. There are articles on the internet on Flirting that can help as well as a good book that has good information.

When knowing the social component of sexuality, you can understand more when you are gaining consent from the opposite sex (or for people that like the same sex). For me though, I am like the opposite sex and need to understand the hidden social component by reading up on flirting which is why I don’t date.

Yet, I found out a good read is DATING FOR DUMMIES because it has very good knowledge on what, where, and how to date by showing people in a book the nature of flirting (social component of sex). Sex is more than what you would think.

Anyway have a great day and posting later on,

out, J

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