Great New Positive Week Ahead of Me

I have a great new positive week ahead of me, ones which will fill me up so much.  I love my work and I love to help people.  It takes a long time for me to interact with people, but eventually I get it right with boundaries and social skills.

I will be opening up a surprise for Rockland County. I will be starting an ASAN (Autistic Self-Advocacy Network) social support group in Rocklanad.  I will be the leader of the group.  I will direct events such as parks, zoos, and any other fun stuff Individuals on the Autism Spectrum would love to enjoy. We will all support oneanother as well.

This group will be all about Neurodiversity and NOT thinking ever there is a cure for Autism Spectrum Disorders, since there is NOT one.  I will change everyone’s perspective in Rockland since many Rocklanders are ignorant.

I hope finally Rockland County, New York can finally be up on the times and allow me to start my ASAN group with just Individuals on the Autism Spectrum in my group.  I will lead this group and help out.  ASAN is a great organization with all its humbleness in the world.  I look forward to working with Ari and the other people from ASAN.

I really want to help out and be a part of the greatness this world has in potential to see the light always.

This is a world with so many Individuals on the Autism Spectrum who have the potential to be Contributing Members of Society.

Thank you very much for every one support of

This is going to be a great week!  I will have the best work week ever with the doctor I work for.


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