Great Depression (Recession) of 2008

They say the United States is in a Recession. Yet, We are in the Great Depression of 2008.    There are many things that are happening now which is why the government has issued the economic stimulus checks for all taxpayers.  The US dollar is very weak now.   The price of gasoline up.  People are complaining and someone has to do something about it.  Complaining solves nothing. Depression solves nothing. Yet, there are people becoming very depressed and mental health issues arise more and more.

The issues of the government are becoming disastrous.   New York State alone is having many problems.

Yet, this world is messed up and how we all spend our money.  No one spends their money with extreme precise budgeting in getting things when absolutely necessary.

When this country needs to focus on certain issues, the whole country and its people spend their money on things and people that they really don’t need to survive.  We are all guilty of that.

Survival of the Fittest is very important.  What ever happened to surviving especially they way this country is is right now.

We are in a war. No matter what anyone complains about that Bush created it, we are in war! It first started as the Iraq war, but it is more than that.  Now, we have too many people with mental health issues because of the Iraq war and now we are intending to forget all about them like the vietnam war, korean war, and world war II vets were once forgotten.

We have a war on CIVIL RIGHTS for people on the Autism Spectrum like myself who deserve to achieve the success that all these Neurotypicals can succeed at.  In any case, Spectrumites are smarter than Neurotypicals.  Its just that Neurotypicals feel that their world is Supreme and everyone should abide by their supreme world.  Yet, we all can learn from one another and create a world where everyone learns from eachother instead of figuring out who is wrong and who is right.

The living culture of this world is diving down with even many other different things that need to be addressed.

You have the fact that the population is increasing with more and more births a day.  Water is decreasing and food consumption and intake is out of balance.

Anyway, Aspergia Greets is coming sometime today,

take it easy and hopefully the next President can do something about it.  It looks like it will be Obama for President.  I feel he has the right state of mind especially when it comes to people with disabilities such as the Autism Spectrum and helping any body with disabilities.  Obama can serve this world better if he can come in 2009 with rolling up his sleeves and getting right to the bottom of this whole mess to fix up. It will take a good 10 years before the mess is fixed, but at least it will be better.

Yet, this country and this world for that matter needs to remember (and after telling my family yesterday) if there were no struggling in this world then this world would be boring because it would be perfect.

I am not saying that is right for people to struggle because heck I am struggling, but this world needs to have that someone else who can step up to the plate to help.  We all need to help one another and that is the bottom line. No body can be selfish and inconsiderate because when you know that people are struggling like myself and people around me, you must help out.    I feel that this is what the world is about to help one another out and try not to be selfish.  My grandma feels that you must always think of yourself and be independent, but it is more being INTERDEPENDENT then Independent, grandma.

One last note, at the AHA conference I heard a speaker say that if you were totally independent you would be doing everything yourself like grazing food, milking cows, making gasoline for your car, fixing your car, etc.  Interdependence is very important, balancing our lives.

Helping out, balancing our lives are two very important factors in our lives.   We are all guilty of being selfish in different degrees of selfishness.

Aspergia Greets to come next,

out, J

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