From Dusk till Dawn

Lifting the dark
Lifting the spirit
Lifting the ever existing
charm of what others
can or will not do.
Its spirit is filled with
coming of darkness
leading brightness.
Its herd is drawing near
and far.
It is the ever rainbow
in the distance
with the butterflies and hummingbirds
in the distance ready
to celebrate.

This is far greater than anybody can share to handle among any one.  I’d like to say the body is attached to the mind which is attached the spirit which is attached to the infinite universe.  A mind so big it is as big as the universe. A learning capacity so big we can just about learn anything we want to.

Think about yourself and think about your well being.   I know you can learn what passion lies within you.

I just want this world to finally become a world of shear joy and patience.

posting later on,


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