We move forward in life, not backwards. Things happen that way for a reason.  We use our talents in life for a reason.  You can ask a series of angels or even the eternal one, but you will find that you will get no responses since you are to live your life without asking for answers, just finding out the answer yourself.

Many people don’t realize that life’s journey takes a second or two for each second of each day to happen and before they know it, things are over.

I was very sick and feverish last week for 3 days. The 3 days of NO ME could be considered the 3 days of darkness.  Since every one was probably wondering where the heck am I.

Today I go back to work after the 3 days of NO ME and wonder to myself what are my co-workers going to say to me and act towards me whether very angry or just fine, I’ll have to deal with it.

I never know what exactly to say sometimes after being sick with a fever because I don’t know if people even believe me that I get really sick when people just get an ordinary sick temperature.

Anyway, all I shall say is that the eternal one got me sick for a reason and that was because he knew that there had to be 3 days of NO ME.

All I can say is that I and a friend wrote a story for a contest in Writer’s Market Magazine and we just need to edit it now.  I hope it goes well for that.

I can’t say much about it except, IT’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Anyway, gotta go,

out, J

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